For K2 Customers

No matter where you are today on your journey with K2, we can help.

Below are some areas we can help with.

A Centre of Excellence will help you to formalise your implementation of K2. If your model is to leverage enterprise outsourcing, local delivery partners, or to devlop internal capabilities between IT and your business units - a governance plan is critical.

Best practices can only take you so far because they're generic and contain too much non-specifc advice. Every organisation has different support models, availability requirements, security models, project management methodologies, release stratagies, testing procedures - to name a few things.

A governance plan with a centre of excellence helps you to build a machine that will have you and your partners delivering high-quality solutions, faster, and better.

Whether you're just getting started or bringing new internal/external team members to your K2 practice, having an experienced hand to guide them through development, administration, or troubleshooting is an invaluable way to ensure success.

Help your team get up to speed faster and better while keeping an eye on K2, and your organisation's own, best practices / governance plan.

Make sure you have confidence in your plans before taking them live or committing development resources.
Need a K2 solution designing or developing? We can help there too.

While minor upgrades occassionally pose challenges, major version upgrades with multiple applications can require quite a significant effort.

We can help smooth this transition.

While we don't even pretend to replace K2 support - having an experienced hand being able to translate problems in to what a busy K2 support can react quickly on, and narrow problems down precisely to whether they're a bug, infrastructure configuration issue or application design issue and recommend the best course of action can help you get back on track much more quickly.

Do you need K2 specific 2nd/3rd line support for application issues that are not qualifiable under standard K2 support and maintenance?

We can offer remote and on-site Ad-hoc support on a retainer basis.

Our rates are significantly lower than your regional K2 office!

With us, an example 30 day engagement, with a highly experienced consultant, can save you more than 50%