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January 22, 2012

Code-free table in email from SmartObject – Method A

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I got this question from another client.  Now, we all know that code is the way forward here.  As it’s Friday I thought I’d have a bash at doing it with no-code, and in fairness, it’s not so bad… and with some of the conditional events techniques it could be combined into a single activity too.  Performance is 1 SmO call per table cell + 1 – i.e. not good.

There is a another method using XSL that is much better performing – I will make a blog abou that too.

And a couple of screenshots:

Note – that behind the scenes of the first activity you need to configure an advanced destination rule “plan per slot” to configure the multiple instances (loop).

The basic principle of operation for this method is that the first activity runs onces for each row of the table – each time it runs it adds to the HTML table datafield, then the second activity adds some extra html around the main table body, and sends the email.

First data event:
Second data event:
Mail event:
Happy no-coding.

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